Revolutionizing global energy storage systems

Revterra enables quick, cost-effective and simple installation of high-powered DC fast EV chargers

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Supercharging power performance

Building a future where electric vehicles can recharge within 15 minutes anywhere and everywhere

With nearly 700 million EVs expected on the road by 2050, Revterra’s forward-thinking, scalable grid-stabilizing kinetic battery will ease grid demands from electric vehicle charging stations. Acting as a buffer that stores kinetic energy between utility grids and EV charging stations, Revterra limits costly peak-demand rates and recharges EVs faster than ever.

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Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS)

Revterra Kinetic Battery

Passive magnetic levitation

Our magnetic bearings offer a safer, more stable no-contact bearing system meaning virtually no wear and tear to the system with extended use.

Low-cost steel flywheel stores kinetic energy

Electric energy is converted into kinetic energy by spinning up a rotor that can be drawn upon when needed.

Highly-efficient, low-loss motor generator accelerates and decelerates the flywheel

Our base EV charging unit provides 100 kWh of energy and 400kW power rating.

Proof is in the power

90% Round-Trip Efficiency

90% of energy survives a full trip through the system. Compare this to chemical batteries:
85% Lithium-Ion
70% Redox Flow
60% CAES


10% energy loss


15% energy loss

Redox Flow

30% energy loss


40% energy loss

4+ Power-to-Energy Ratio (C-Rate)

4x the typical maximum battery C-Rate with a full discharge in just 15 minutes for ultra-fast charging

Infographic showing a 15-minute Revterra charge time vs. the typical 6-minute charge time of competitors
Spinning wheel representing charge time

40,000+ Lifetime Cycles

Lifespan of 20+ years. Compare to typical batteries with 3,000 to 7,500 cycles that must be replaced every 2-4 years in high-cycle applications

20 year timeline

Revterra Flywheel Replacement Schedule:

Typical Battery Replacement Schedule:

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Revterra is changing energy storage for good

Revterra's interests are much broader than just building energy storage solutions. We’re a sustainable energy company empowering visionaries in the EV space to push the world forward. Our proprietary flywheel energy storage system (FESS) is a power-dense, low-cost energy storage solution to the global increase in renewable energy and electrification of power sectors.

Icon of a flywheel

Advanced flywheel technology

Revterra stores energy in the motion of a flywheel. Electric energy is converted into kinetic energy by a spinning rotor. When needed, that kinetic energy is converted back to electricity. Revterra’s innovative approach leverages passively stable magnetic bearings and low-cost steel alloys to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Icon of a magnetic bearing

Passive magnetic bearings

Revterra’s FESS is levitated in a low-friction environment by patented high-efficiency passive magnetic bearings which use high-temperature superconductors for stabilization, reducing energy losses by up to 20 times that of conventional flywheel systems. This enables larger module sizes, leading to lower costs.

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Secure supply chain

Because recycled steel is the primary input in Revterra’s kinetic battery, the manufacturing and delivery of units won’t be subject to unpredictable supply-chain issues that can cause long lead times and derail projects.

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Environmentally-friendly battery

As we expand, sustainability will always be at the core of Revterra’s values and can be seen throughout our systems. By limiting peak power draws on the grid, it minimizes the need for costly, polluting natural gas plants and unnecessary new power lines. We also use 100% recycled steel that’s again recyclable at the end of its lifetime, unlike toxic chemical batteries with no clear disposal solution.

Revterra applications

Our modular, scalable system can be configured for both high-power and long-duration applications without the drawbacks of current grid-scale energy storage technologies like lithium-ion and other chemical batteries. Revterra is an integral part of future power grid and EV charging network solutions.

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