Revterra kinetic battery applications

Energy storage solutions for grid pain points

Revterra exists to support your energy challenges. Our modular, grid-stabilizing kinetic battery can be configured for both high-power and long-duration applications.

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Rapid EV charging

To meet global demand, millions of EV charging stations will need to be deployed annually. EV charging station installation is an expensive and time-consuming process. By implementing Revterra technology, we can help you put reliable EV DC fast chargers anywhere without costly grid upgrades or expensive peak demand charges.

Grid synchronous frequency support

Traditional generators maintain grid frequency with kinetic energy (the rotation of turbines), but renewable generation has little or no inertia. If frequency falls too far, islanding and blackouts can occur. Revterra offers an ideal and conservative solution for replacing physical inertia, enabling faster and greater adoption of renewables.

Critical load backup and blink-less transfer

Revterra's technology responds immediately to a power outage, ensuring that critical loads and processes continue uninterrupted. Our FESS can replace existing UPS flywheel systems and backup batteries for a lower cost and with a longer ride-through time, guaranteeing system reliability.

Renewables and storage

Due to their manufacturing methods, relatively short lifespans and hazardous byproducts, current grid-scale energy storage technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries, make clean energy sources like solar and wind less clean. Revterra makes it possible for more renewable energy to be integrated into the grid by providing a highly effective, inexpensive and environmentally-friendly chemical battery replacement for 24/7 power availability.

Peak-load shifting and energy arbitrage

Peak-load shifting reduces strain on the grid by allowing power-intensive consumers to store up energy during low-demand periods and use it when they need it most. Alternatively, Revterra and energy arbitrage enable power producers to store their energy when prices are low and wait to sell it when prices have increased. Revterra provides a modular plug-and-play solution for balancing energy supply and demand, allowing customers at any point along the value chain to maximize their returns.

Microgrids and distributed energy resources

Delocalized microgrids are emerging across the globe, powered by renewable energy sources. Energy storage systems can turn these into reliable and robust infrastructures, giving communities and organizations the energy security they need in an uncertain world. Our grid-stabilizing kinetic battery is ideal for optimizing these delocalized microgrids with a small footprint and the ability to maintain high-power quality and local stability.

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